Used iMRS And MRS 2000 For Sale

But first…  Are you thinking about becoming a rep for Medi-Consult and selling the iMRS or MRS 2000?  If yes, then do yourself a favor and watch this….

Brand New ElectroMeds PEMF Full Body Mat $1250

OMI Full Body Mat ElectroMeds

But the question that you must ask yourself is “Why buy a used iMRS or MRS2000, with no warranty when I can buy A BRAND NEW ElectroMeds PEMF for far less money”???  It’s true!!  A new ElectroMeds PEMF Full Body Mat only $1250 each.  Why buy an ElectroMeds PEMF?

  1. 225 microTesla means you are getting a stronger signal than the iMRS.
  2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. 1 Year Warranty
  4. 100,000 Units Sold in Europe in 10 years.

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According to the owner of Mediconsult, the fundamentals of the new iMRS 2000 PEMF machine have NOT changed from the previous model MRS 2000.  It is the SAME BASIC MACHINE with a bell and a whistle added – the HRV Heart Rate Variability Analysis.

iMRS PEMF Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields TherapyHeart Rate Variability Analysis – Neat idea.

We just wonder if people are going to be willing to pay an extra $500 per machine to have this reading available???





===>>> iMRS/MRS 2000 – buy a used iMRS or MRS 2000 here

FOR SALE: 1 slightly used MRS 2000+ Med Unit with Probe (paid $4050 delivered) excellent condition (no tears), works perfect.  Includes control unit, pillow pad, probe and approx 1 year remaining on warranty.  Call for further details.   Call 877-40E-MEDS (877-403-6337) or  442-444-0050


MRS 2000+ designo

MRS2000 PEMF Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields TherapyFrequency: .5 – 25 Hz Sinusoidal w/ Sawtooth Carrier Signal Waveform (full body mat), squarewave on pad and probe.
Intensity: 5 – 70 uT
Cost: $4050
Delivered to CA final price.  Your cost will vary in each state w tax & shipping.
Includes: control unit, full body mat, pillow pad and probe.

When the MRS 2000 is working, it makes you feel great – no joke!!  It really gets the job done when it comes to saturating your body with the penetrating electricity that it needs to heal quickly.  The intensity settings are high enough that you can feel like you are getting a good dose.  There are several drawbacks however.

Reasons Why MRS 2000 Is Second Place

The MRS 2000+ Designo Advantages:

1.  Comes with a 3 year warranty.

2. Powerful unit putting out field strength of  up to 70uT.

3. Big League Sales  – over 400,000 MRS 2000+ (QRS has sold 600,000+)

4. Can plug in all 3 applications at once.

5. Easy to use and set-up.


1. The MRS 2000+ does not have a return policy. NO REFUNDS. PERIOD.

2. The MRS 2000+ designo must be flat. The vinyl mat has 6 round copper coils inside that cannot be bent. The mat must always be placed on a flat surface or you can damage the coils. The QRS uses an upgraded flexible mesh mat with the copper coiling woven throughout so your surface doesn’t have to be flat. Feel free to put it on your favorite chair or recliner.

3. MRS 2000+ mat is not travel friendly. The mat must be folded in thirds so as not to bend the coils. You need a special travel bag (extra charge) and must be checked in as a separate item on most airlines. The QRS mat can be rolled up like a blanket fitting in your own personal luggage allowing for a more convenient travel experience.

MY MRS 2000***NOTE – HUGE PRICE INCREASE*** Mediconsult announces that there is now a “travel mat” available – ANOTHER $500!!!  Now it is $4,500 for a full MRS2000 system – compared to $3,250 for a QRS Quantron that is ready to travel.

4. Not Programmable. The MRS 2000+ cannot be pre-programmed during sleep. The QRS can be programmed to come on twice throughout your sleep cycle and for up to 1 hour. Plus the QRS can be programmed as not to light up or make any sound which would disturb the rhythm of your sleep.

5. Short Sessions. The MRS 2000+ can only be turned on for up to 24 minutes. The QRS can be turned on for up to 1 hour.

6. No Electronic Smog Protection. The MRS 2000+ has no protection from “electronic smog” devices other then making sure that your surroundings are as free from “electronic smog” as possible. The QRS is the only manufacturer who has taken this into account  and has a worldwide patent (#EP 0 621 795 B 1) on the “electronic smog killer” in combination with quantum therapy.

7.  Bulky, Older Looking Technology. The MRS 2000 looks nice and professional, until you set it next to a QRS – then the MRS looks kind of big and thick and sort of clunky.

8.  Coils Isolate Signals. The signals only come out of the coils.  Outside the coil area, no signal.

9.  Vinyl Shows Coil Imprint. After many hours of use, the vinyl covers start to show imprints of the coils inside.

10.  Plastic Vinyl Covers Tear. The vinyl mat and pad can tear.

11. Reliability. We have experienced reliability issues with each of the 4 components at least once.  Here is a detailed list of the application and it’s issue:  The Control Unit – no power / Mat – vinyl tear / Pad – broken wire / Probe – Control Unit could not “find”.  Customer service was very expedient with all replacements [Thank You!!!].

12. The MRS 2000+ is expensive for very little MicroTelsla/Gauss.  This is overpriced technology.

13.  MRS 2000 Peer Reviewed Scientific Research. None.  Most studies quoted were actually performed with QRS during it’s 20 year development, which includes over 40 research studies.

14.  The MRS 2000+ has no Patents.

But the question that you must ask yourself is “Why buy a used BEMER, with no warranty when I can buy A BRAND NEW ElectroMeds PEMF for far less money”???

It’s true!! A new ElectroMeds PEMF Full Body Mat only $1250.

Why buy an ElectroMeds PEMF?

  1. 225 mT means you are getting a strong signal than the iMRS or MRS 2000
  2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. 1 Year Warranty
  4. 100,000 Units Sold in Europe in 10 years.

OMI Full Body Mat ElectroMeds

Learn more about the ElectroMeds PEMF Full Body Mat here.



Do you have pain?  If YES, then here is the ElectroMeds basic formula:

1. How bad is your pain?

2. How much time do you have to “heal”, or stop the pain?

3. What is your budget to stop your pain?

If you have high pain, little time to cure it, and a little bit of budget, then we recommend – hands down – the PEMF 8000.  Read more about the PEMF 8000 here.

Business and Personal Financing Available – Call, Chat or Email for details.

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