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BEMER 3000The Bemer 3000 is a Swiss made pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy device that has been around for a little more than 10 years. The acronym BEMER stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation and at its heart is a patented complex signal that was developed by Dr. Wolf A Kafka.

The standard Bemer unit sells for $3400-$4000 which is close to average for PEMF therapy mats. They have a nice rental program that allows you to try the mat before you buy it. The following products are included in the aforementioned price:: coil mat with mat cover, control device, intensive applicator + bag, power adapter, carrying bag and user’s manual.

The intensity range for the mat is 3.5 to 35 uT (microtesla or .035 to .35 Gauss). The Earths magnetic field is roughly 30 uT (equator) to 60 uT (poles). The intensive applicator runs up to 100 uT though we cannot find any information on the range of intensities that can be used.

The patented Bemer signal is a cascading sine wave pulsetrain that repeats 33 times per second. Within each pulse train there are 40 sine wave pulsed that gradually increase in both amplitude and frequency. Overall there are over 1200 pulses per second (1200 Hz).

The mat itself is 3 pairs of coils with increasing diameters at the feet.

There is no polarity reveral or biorhythm clock and no ability whatsoever to change the frequencies.

Overall, it seems like a fairly well made unit with a convenient carrying case.

Before continuing, it is apparent that the Bemer 3000 does have a lot of research and fairly good support.

Here is one typical report on a Bemer 3000 experience:
“I used not only the standard Bemer 3000 unit, but also the MFA applicator. Also I want to mention I had a very positive expectation and signed up as a distributor with the intention to do the business. I was optimistic the Bemer was finally a machine that validated all the PEMF research “out there”. And to be clear, I DID use the Bemer 3000 PLUS (the newest version). Unfortunately, I used the machine as directed for a month and noticed no change at all. In fact I have talked to and chronicled at least 20 people who had either experienced nothing (like I did) or had adverse results with the Bemer. In all fairness I have talked to probably equally as many people who had good results. So it seems about 50-50 with the people I have talked to.”

So why does the Bemer have such mixed results?
The Bemer Signal – Bemer’s Strength or Weakness???
First and most importantly, the frequency is TOO HIGH. There is excellent research by Adey, Zimmerman and others indicating that the optimal frequencies for human body are roughly 0-30 Hz. Adey coined the term biological window of frequencies which means the ideal frequencies the human body can absorb.

Let’s look at this with some common sense. The earth has TWO fundamental frequencies, 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance) and 11.75/11.79 Hz which is the first order frequency of the earths magnetic field (excluding n=0 which is the static solution). The schumann frequency is the resonant frequency of the earth’s ionosphere and the earth’s magnetic field frequency is a result of the spherical harmonics of the earth’s magnetic field.

The primary harmonics (n=1,n=2, n=3, etc) of the Schumann are 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8. The harmonics of the earth’s magnetic field frequency are 11.79, 16.67 and 23.58 Hz. Notice the primary harmonics are ALL with 0-30Hz. This is the SAME window or range of frequencies shown by Adey and his colleague and Zimmerman and his research that can be absorbed by the body. Also notice that it is the brain state frequencies from low delta to high Beta.

Doesn’t it make sense that we need and are sustained by earth based frequencies?

So herein lies the BIG PROBLEM with the Bemer 3000. The Bemer signal is running a 33 Hz pulsetrain which consists of 40 pulses yield over 1200 vibrations a second (thats 1200 hertz!). This is WAY outside the earth’s window of frequencies, the Adey Window, the brain state frequencies etc.

To make matters worse, this series of sine wave signals of increasing frequency occurs within a triangle pulse form! This guarantees the suppression of the most effective lower earth-based frequencies, while at the same time letting only the higher frequencies through, which are known to be the least effective.

In all fairness, it is possible that the Bemer has a good intensity range roughly 3.5 -100 uT which matches the earth’s intensity, though certainly misses badly with its frequency.

So the frequency and geometry of the patented Bemer signal is the biggest problem and paradoxically, its what Bemer claims is their biggest strength.

The second problem is there is no ability to adjust the frequencies. You can ONLY adjust the intensity. This would appear to be a drawback because isn’t it obvious that we require different frequencies at different times of the day? For example, in the morning and early afternoon, we are most active requiring frequencies more in the Beta range (roughly 12- 30 Hz). And in the evening we are winding down into a more relaxing state (alpha – roughy 7-12 hz). And right before bed, theta/delta frequencies would be best… There has been feedback from several people using a Bemer that it kept them awake at night. One lady in Washington, could not sleep well for 3 months after using the Bemer!

Problem number 3 is that there is no polarity reversal to prevent cellular fatigue or accommodation to the signal. This means you need more and more to get less and less results.

Problem number 4 is not a major issue, but with the full body mat you can only go down to 3.5 uT and only up to 35 uT. It would be nice if the Bemer, like some competitors was able to go down to the picotelsa range (shown to be good for M.S. for example) and up a little higher to the maxium earth intensities 70UT (it does on the applicator pad but not the full body mat).

Problem number 5 is the applicator pad is weak and not as powerful as some competitor models used. It doen’t have enough turns to penetrate as deep as some other models.

BEMER and Chemically Sensitive People Don’t Mix…
Which brings me to the next problem, and its a big one: people that are sensitive. Let’s be clear that we am not trying to pick on the Bemer 3000, we are only reporting feedback that has been received from several sources.

We are only going to mention a small sample, for the sake of brevity. There are three VERY GOOD sources that confirm the Bemer 3000 is irritating to people that are chemically sensitive. First there is Anne S., a doctor of Veterinary medicine and also a natural healing practitioner for a select group of people. Anne used the Bemer 3000 on 10 different people that were ALL chemically sensitive (including herself) and very simply reported the Bemer 3000 really irritated their bodies, making them nervous, restless and in some cases unable to sleep.

Hermine, a german medical assistant used the bemer 3000 in a clinical setting in Germany and reported the same problem (with people that are chemically sensitive).

I just talked to a Mary A.C., and she had a very bad reaction to the Bemer. In her exact words she said that it felt like I had antifreeze in my veins after using the Bemer.

Finally another former Bemer distributor documented many cases of people having bad results with the Bemer (actual testimonials below).

Of course, we cannot publish any names, to protect the privacy of the reporters, yet, here are just a few facts.


Very angry husband complained that his wife was using the device for over a year and still suffered of unbearable pain.


Widowed man whose wife was promised to feel such an improvement with the Bemer3000 by one of our distributors.She passed on.


A lady of 77 years old had received the Bemer3000 from her daughter, and a year later was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.


2 years of using the Bemer3000 and the bone density of a 75 years old lady, worsened.


Lady with tongue cancer – felt so much better after 3 days, and died.


N. Had suffered of sever bone-loss, and was hopping to be helped by the Bemer3000 via one of their agents who promised her to get significantly better. Sadly, two years later she called me and told me how her condition just got worse in spite of her Bemer3000.

The Following is documented by a “former” Bemer 3000 distributor over the course of a few years….


Repair required

Electric cord replacement

Control Box repair needed

Men size mat replacement

Intensive pad replacement


1.”Not working for me”

2.”In spite of using the device I was diagnosed with cancer”

3. “First I got better but then after a short while everything plunged, my health and fitness”

4. “Why had my blood work gotten worse”?

5.”My osteoporosys got worse and I have been using the device for 2 years now”

Overall satisfaction

Customer service availability

Bemer Does have good research and some people get good results, but there is overwhelming evidence that people with severe allergies, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc, should seriously consider looking for another device.


Do you have PAIN?  If YES, then here is the ElectroMeds basic formula:

1. How bad is your pain?

2. How much time do you have to “heal”, or stop the pain?

3. What is your budget to stop your pain?

If you have high pain, little time to cure it, and a little bit of budget, then we recommend – hands down – the PEMF 8000.  Read more about the PEMF 8000 here.

Business and Personal Financing Available – Call, Chat or Email for details.