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 PEMF Treatment Fights Cancer

Treating cancer with electric fields - Bill Doyle: TedMed 2011

 Treating Cancer With Electric Fields

TedMed 2011 San Diego CA – Bill Doyle

Research using PEMF as an effective therapy for cancer HERE.

 Dr Oz Loves PEMF – Calls it:

Dr Oz PEMF Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields Therapy

 1. The Future of Health Care

2. Changing the Practice of Medicine

3. PEMF makes you feel better, because you ARE better

Who Uses PEMF?

Chiropractic PEMF ElectroMeds

Doctors of Chiropractic

With Clinical Grade PEMF – like the PEMF 8000 – you don’t have to struggle with patients who are too tight to adjust.  Your patients – and your hands, wrists and arms – will thank you.  Simply put the patient on the machine and watch their inflammation and hypertension melt away in a few minutes, leaving you free to adjust them more effectively.  It is the modality of choice for chronic pain, tense muscles and frozen joints.  It’s ideal for regular weekly or bi-weekly treatments.  WATCH OUR VIDEO “10 Ways PEMF Boosts Chiropractic Profitability” – More here…

 Pain Clinics

So many patients, so little time!  Let your patients skip the long waiting line to pain relief by bringing the PEMF 8000 into your office.  Administer effective pain relief treatments to emergency patients in record time.  Plus, use it to supplement treatment for patients in physical therapy and rehabilitation.  It accelerates healing of open wounds and reduces scarring from these, relaxes excess muscle tension, aids in union and recovery of broken bones, and more.  Keep your clinic up to date with this advanced treatment modality.

Pain Clinic PEMF ElectroMeds

Age Management Centers PEMF ElectroMeds

 Age Management Centers

The PEMF 8000 reduces many of the symptoms of aging. Using it, you can enjoy your golden years with the energy and physical abilities normally reserved for the young. It reduces the aches and pains, fatigue and decreased energy associated with aging. It heals worn and torn areas of the body. And with regular treatment even lost cartilage, bone, joint mobility and skin quality can be restored. No surgeries or prescriptions are necessary because the PEMF 8000 energizes the cells to directly increase the overall wellbeing of the body, empowering it to heal itself. Don’t leave your quality of life to chace! Age gracefully with PEMF 8000.

 Sports Medicine

The PEMF 8000 can get you back in the game faster. You can’t stop injuries from happening, but you can accelerate how quickly you recover from them. Now you can stop the pain, reduce swelling, and heal tissue and bone about 3 times faster than normal. It also pumps up your core energy to reduce season fatigue. You can use it regularly to eliminate nagging “permanent” injuries that may be holding you back. Or use it in the locker room to keep you going strong all game! It’s your career or hobby. Perform better. Play longer.

Sports Medicine PEMF ElectroMeds

Personal Home Use PEMF ElectroMeds

 Personal Home Use

This is the pain management tool you’ve been looking for in your home, office or gym. It relieves pain quickly, keeps it gone for days, and does it without any health damaging side effects. Now you can effectively manage chronic pain at home for yourself and your family. You don’t have to miss out on any more good times with the people who matter. As your personal strength and vitality grows, so will your quality of life. And your freedom to start really living again. So take life back into your own hands, knowing you can always turn to the PEMF 8000.

 Animals Equine

The PEMF 8000 is the perfect alternative to drugs for the treatment of pain and inflammation in all animals, especiall horses due to arthritis, injuries, performance stress, age, etc. How does PEMF help animals? It’s the best Pre/Post-event treatment. Immediate results. Increases blood oxygen. Stimulates Lymphatic system. Improves movement. Relieves Pain. Reduces inflammation.

Animals Equine PEMF ElectroMeds

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