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Dr Oz Discusses PEMF – Calls it:

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2. Changing the Practice of Medicine

3. PEMF makes you feel better because you ARE better”

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PEMF 8000 Phoenix High Intensity Clinical Grade
With Various Models Available

Incredible Pain Relief Testimonial

  • PEMF 8000 – 4 Models To Choose From
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  • 20 Year Successful Track Record
  • Lifetime Warranty Available
  • Remote Diagnostics and Repair
  • Financing Available

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Shortcut To Pain Relief With The PEMF 8000 Phoenix

Pulsed electromagnetic fields therapy or “PEMF”, is an astounding and innovative way of putting all sorts of health issues – especially chronic pain – into permanent remission.

Mimicking the earths’ electromagnetic fields that are fundamental to all life, the device that’s at the leading-edge of this revolutionary therapy is the PEMF 8000 machines. These clinical-grade and professionally designed machines produce safe, powerful and restorative electromagnetic pulses that help every bodily function and moving part, recharging the body on a cellular level.

The PEMF 8000 Phoenix is especially effective for treating chronic pain in areas that are hard to get to. This technology is FDA approved uses in several bone and tissue repair protocols. The powerful fields produced by the PEMF 8000 speed up the recovery process for all sorts of damaged parts of the body; including reduced inflammation and numerous applications for reversing depression and increasing our sense of well being.

PEMF therapy also has multiple applications relating to detoxification: the PEMF 8000’s pulses improve circulation and improve oxygen flow throughout the body – providing the energy and stimulation to your body’s natural regenerative systems, especially stem-cell production.

How does PEMF therapy work?

Every cell contains tiny electrical batteries called mitochondria. These delicate and essential structures help our cells with the many functions they maintain every single second. One of the vital processes that mitochondria execute is producing energy. By stimulating and re-charging these batteries and helping the cells’ production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), energy transfer is enhanced.

By using pulsed electromagnetic fields therapy, more energy can be delivered to specific locations in the body. The result is more effective cellular repair and better tissue repair. The reason PEMF is becoming so popular as an effective, non-invasive and side effect-free antidote to pain, is because it directly affects nerve cells – which tell our brain that our body is experiencing pain. This has delightful anti-inflammatory implications, which has real value in minimizing pain. This also affects flexibility – especially when treating stiff and inflamed muscles. PEMF treatment invariably increases the range of motion that can be achieved, results are usually immediate.

For bone fractures, PEMF is especially useful in healing non-union fractures. This is because electromagnetic waves are the earths tool to cause biochemical changes which result in an increased speed in bone formation.

PEMF therapy has also been found to relieve depression and other well being conditions. It’s also been applied to everything from arthritis, to cancer, to heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, to multiple sclerosis, autism, diabetes, and many other ailments.

Using the PEMF 8000 Phoenix

The controllable and safe Phoenix PEMF device can be used in any position: sitting, lying down, or standing up. There are plenty of options on how it can be used, so it’s helpful to look at the instructions provided. The Phoenix is simple to operate, you’ll have the hang of it in no time.

The PEMF 8000 comes with a dial for intensity, a timer to ensure that exactly the right amount of time is spent in your treatments. And of course an on/off switch. The delivery method for the treatment is called a ‘butterfly loop’.

As many things in life, when using the PEMF 8000, sometimes ‘less is more’. This mindset also carries the additional benefit that the treatment of any particular condition does not take long. Using this professional-grade PEMF device provides the equivalent of a deep tissue massage (on steroids), so it’s important to condition the body to the electromagnetic pulses by building up duration over time. This is why 15-20 minutes per treatment is completely sufficient. Additionally, when the loops are first placed on and around the body, the intensity and frequency should start low, and then be turned up steadily to a therapeutic level.

As the loops are moved around the body and pain sites, the electromagnetic pulses will often find pinched nerves or sciatic problems. This will be indicated by a bit more tension in the area, and the PEMF waves will be felt more strongly. When the loops are working on the body, it is the transference of electrical pulses that create a nerve reaction – a gentle twitching-like sensation. This will be involuntary, but it means that it’s right where it needs to be – especially with muscles that are inflamed or have gone into spasm. Three to five minutes at a particular site on the body is usually sufficient.

The truly astounding thing about electromagnetic pulses produced by the Phoenix Series is that they penetrate tissue and bone – all the way down to the cellular level – and jump-start cells’ restorative processes – a remarkable three-dimensional way of treating conditions.

The PEMF 8000 literally ‘recharges your batteries’

The PEMF 8000 Phoenix devices are extremely versatile – it’s designed to treat a broad range of conditions in the human body. While there are other PEMF machines available, they don’t come with the durability, reliability, effectiveness and power as the Phoenix . This powerhouse can work from around 1000 gauss to a maximum field intensity of around 20,000 gauss (2 Tesla), with a frequency range of 1Hz to 50 Hz. This means more of the targeted and penetrating pulses hit their target and perform the desired therapy.

For complete body rejuvenation, cellular repair and freedom from chronic pain, get plugged into the PEMF 8000 Phoenix Series of devices – it’s the leading light in the remarkable, ongoing story of the PEMF therapy revolution.


PEMF Treatment Fights Cancer

Treating cancer with electric fields - Bill Doyle: TedMed 2011 San Diego CATreating cancer with electric fields – Bill Doyle: TedMed 2011 San Diego CA

Read the latest research for using PEMF as an effective therapy for Cancer –   Click Here

PEMF ElectroMagnetic Therapy & Energy Medicine Therapy Devices To Fit Any Budget

Similar Technology Used In “Bone Growth Stimulator”

PEMF – Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields Therapy. Have you heard of this “new” home health technology? If not, you owe it to yourself to find out what everyone is talking about – PEMF’s. Why? Simple: it makes you feel like nothing else can – it makes you feel “Like A Million Bucks”!! A magnetic therapy device is a lifetime investment in the health of every member of your family.

PEMF before and after images from body scan electromeds

Left Shows Before – Red and Yellow Is Inflamation. Right Side Shows After PEMF Session – NO Red, Little Yellow

To the right is a “before and after” image from an electronic full body scan. The image on the left is the before. Notice the red and yellow dots? Those colors indicate high levels of stress and inflammation.

This person was complaining of extreme pain and discomfort in the gums and jaw area. The image on the right is “after” a 24 minutes session with the PEMF applicator pen. Notice the colors have changed? “Before” they were red and yellow, but “after” there are a few yellow and mostly white – which is normal This shows the radical change that occurred due to the PEMF session – much less inflammation and pain gone.

If you will take the time to read the unbiased, scientific research behind these electromagnetic therapy systems, you will soon see that it is vital to your families health to invest in one as soon as possible.

Perhaps the easiest way to identify what this machine does, is to point out that it is basically the same technology used in the FDA approved bone growth stimulator. The main difference is that the PEMF application is 1. for the whole body and 2. safe and effective without requiring a doctors recommendation and 3. a small fraction of the price

Once you have decided that this magnetic therapy technology is for you, the next thing to do is figure out which is the best unit to invest in.

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